Posted by: Hil | June 21, 2008

Chocolate banana yogurt snack

When I saw this idea over at Dani Spies, I knew that I had to try it.  I improvised a bit, using a chopped up square of 85% dark chocolate instead of the cocoa nibs, omitting the almonds and using agave nectar.  It was good, but I think it actually would have been better without the chocolate.  I love good, extra-dark chocolate, but you lost some of the flavor in the tart yogurt and the bitterness of the chocolate just didn’t work well.  The frozen banana, on the other hand, was a wonderful complement to the Greek yogurt…firm and sweet to balance out the creaminess and tartness.  It was also very filling.



  1. Glad you liked the frozen banana idea… it’s one of my favorites:). I look forward to reading your blog!!

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