Posted by: Hil | June 21, 2008

Surviving a Barbecue

The husband and I were invited to a potluck barbecue for lunch today.  Not knowing exactly what would be available, I ate some grapes and drank a big glass of water before leaving,  hoping that a bit of a snack would keep me from making any stupid decisions while hungry.  Turns out, I had tons of great options!  People brought multiple vegetarian bean dishes, two kinds of salad, lots of fresh fruit, baked chips and hummus.  I wasn’t really in the mood for meat…we’re going to have grilled flank steak for dinner, and I didn’t feel a high need to eat red meat twice in one day.  So I loaded up my plate with spiced lentils, a cold three bean dish, a bit of lightly dressed coleslaw, salad with hearts of palm, grape tomatoes, chive and scallions, orange wedges, and a bottle of water.  Yum!

The lentils were okay, but were lukewarm and tasted as though they should have been hot.  The three bean dish was amazing and hard to describe.  It was like a cross between a chili and a bean salad.  The consistency was like chili, but it was served cold and tasted like it had fresh tomato and onion and herbs in it…almost like fresh salsa ingredients.  It was really delicious.  I may try to recreate it on my own later.

(Sorry for the lack of photos…I forgot the camera!)

This is a lot like what I would have done if I was planning my own barbecue:  have lots of fresh fruit and assorted vegetable and bean dishes to load up on.  If I had been planning it, I probably would have picked a healthy protein to grill (salmon, chicken thighs, lean steak, etc.)  And I love the contrast between hot grilled vegetables and a crunchy, cold salad.  Next time I throw a barbecue myself, there will definitely be pictures!


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