Posted by: Hil | June 22, 2008

Cooling off

The husband and I went to see a movie today, but our showing was all sold out.  Since we’d already driven to the theater and paid for parking, we decided to just kill time for the next hour and a half until the next showing started.  The only problem with this plan was that it was extremely hot outside, and the husband was wearing a long sleeved shirt.  We quickly deduced that the only way to get a place to sit inside an airconditioned building anywhere in the vicinity was to go order something at a resaurant.  So we went to an Italian cafe near our theater and ordered drinks and sorbet.  The husband ordered lemon sorbet and a sparkling lemonade.  I ordered pear sorbet and a fancy bottle of sparkling mineral water.  It was tasty and refreshing–perfect for a hot day.

I don’t eat dessert all that often, but one of my major tricks when I do is to have a non-sugary drink with it.  I drink herbal tea or decaf coffee with most desserts, but sparkling water made more sense with sorbet on a hot day.  If you’re sipping a drink in between bites of your dessert, it makes you eat more slowly.  It also makes the experience longer…it’s no fun to have your dessert be gone in 30 seconds.  I only ended up  eating about half my sorbet, if that.  I just ate very slowly, savored every bite, and took sips of my sparkling water to extend the time.  When I was satisfied (which didn’t take very long, as I’d had a nice filling lunch), I just drank my water for the rest of the time.  It was truly just as enjoyable as eating the whole thing.


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