Posted by: Hil | June 22, 2008

Sunday Indian Lunch

Another of my traditions is Sunday lunch out with the husband.  Today we went to our favorite Indian buffet.   At Sunday lunch, I always eat whatever I want in moderation.  My rules are:  1.  Only one plate of food  2.  filled at least half with vegetables 3.  Only pick the “treats” that you really want and eat them in small portions  4.  Stop eating when you are full.  Within those boundaries, I eat whatever I want.  If I’m really craving a piece of white bread, or a glass of champagne, or a bite of desssert, I have some. 

Today I had tandoori chicken (skinless chichen marinated in yogurt and spices, then baked in a clay oven),  a bite of lamb curry, spiced spinach, and cucumber salad.  I also had a cup of spiced lentil soup and some orange weges, and a glass of unsweetened iced tea to drink.  

I ate all of the chicken and cucumber salad, most of the spinach, half of the oranges, and just a bite of the lamb curry and lentil soup.  The lentil soup was delicious–full of tumeric, cilantro, mint, and other yummy spices–but hot soup didn’t feel right for a summer day.  The lamb was also delicious, but too heavy.

Some weeks I have several small treats at Sunday lunch, while other weeks, I don’t have any.  Today I had one:  a slice of naan, straight from the oven.  It was piping hot, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and utterly delicious.

The piece I ate was somewhat smaller than the one pictured…about 2/3-3/4 of the size.

I am really attached to my Sunday meal out.  I generally make pretty healthy choices at Sunday lunch, but it helps me to stay on track during the week if I know that I can treat myself on the weekend if I really want to.


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