Posted by: Hil | June 24, 2008

Happy Melon Dance

I honestly did  a dance around the kitchen when I cut into this beautiful thing this morning.  I wish you could have smelled it.  I picked it out this weekend, and I am very proud of myself for picking well!  I’ve never picked out a melon before, and I had no idea how to do it.  I called my mom, who advised me that I should look for one that smelled like ripe melon (that much I knew) and that was slightly yielding to the touch on the end.  I was perplexed, but I dutifully pressed at the little green spots at the end of the melons and found one that was ever so slightly more yielding than the others.  It also smelled nice, so I took that one home with me.  Over the next few days, it started to smell even nicer.  By this morning, not only was the green spot springy, but so was the peel around it.  So I decided it was time to take the plunge.  I picked well!

I ate half of the melon for breakfast along with a mug of ginger tea and a fried egg over half of an Ezekiel English muffin.  I think that food tastes even better when you’ve foraged for it yourself.  This may not be the same as going berry picking in the woods, but knowing that I had picked out that melon myself sure made me happy while I was eating!



  1. Mmmm I love canteloupe! It looks like yours is perfectly ripe and juicy 🙂

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