Posted by: Hil | July 2, 2008

Another lunch at the co-op

The husband and I went out to lunch again at the natural foods co-op.  Typically, I have a couple kinds of different salad when I go there for lunch.  I was craving hot food yesterday for some reason, but today I was back to my normal habits.  The salad on the left is made of quinoa with cranberries, cashews, mint, lemon and olive oil.  The salad on the right is spelt berries, assorted chopped veggies and feta cheese.  Both were delicious, but the first salad was so incredibly simple and tasty that I definitely plan to make it at home one of these days.

I also picked up a whole wheat raspberry muffin for an afternoon snack.  You really have to watch it with muffins, because sometimes even the healthy sounding ones are full of white flour and butter and sugar.  The ingredients in this one were much more nutritious.  The flour was 100% whole wheat, and the only sweetener was soy milk and a little fructose.  It was delicious…dense and chewy and more like bread than cake.



  1. “More like bread than cake” = my kind of muffin! 🙂

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