Posted by: Hil | July 4, 2008

Fruit stand

Today I got to go to my favorite fruit stand in the entire world.  It’s run on the edge of a local family farm, and most of what they sell is grown just feet away.  You can see the fields where the produce is growing as you shop!

Lots of fruit stands and farmer’s market stands don’t actually sell local produce, so it’s important to ask questions.  This place is the real deal, and I would take this over a farmer’s market any day of the week.  The owner is behind the cash register most of the time, and he is happy to tell you about what is fresh and explain how the zucchini “tell you” how much water they need.  And if you want basil, they will just run out back and pick a bunch for you fresh!

Probably a big part of why I love fruits and vegetables so much is that I grew up with delicious, fresh local produce available to me.  The downside is that I’m almost always disappointed with the produce I can get elsewhere.  Peaches and apricots are incredibly delicate when they are picked ripe, so they don’t travel well.  If you don’t live very close to where they are grown, you usually end up with ones that were picked green and having been sitting around for a long time.  I’ve learned to make do with things that travel well or that are grown closer to where I live now, but when I visit my mom in the summer, a trip to the fruit stand is absolutely mandatory.

We ended up buying ripe apricots, sweet red onions, mixed summer squash, white corn, cucumbers, and italian green beans.  Most of these are going to figure into our 4th of July dinner…I can’t wait!



  1. Wow! That place sounds awesome! I want a fruit stand like that!! And I totally know what you mean by being spoiled with fresh produce! Almost all the peaches I have bought this year have been blah…not very sweet at all!

    Have a great rest of your weekend!!

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