Posted by: Hil | July 6, 2008

On the road

After the last few days of delicious gourmet eating, today was the opposite: a day of simple eating fit into the time that I had.  Today may not be very interesting, but I want to be honest about the way I eat, and not every night is about salmon and champagne!

We all woke up early for church this morning.  I wasn’t very hungry, but I had a cup of coffee with cream, a rye cracker with peanut butter, and some fruit to tide me over.  When we got back, it was brunch time.  My mom made my husband a house brunch specialty, potato “scraps” (post to follow) with scrambled eggs, but I was craving oatmeal.  So I whipped up a bowl of steel cut oats with greek yogurt and raspberries.

I normally have a pretty strict habit of only one cup of coffee per day, but today I was craving a second one, for some reason.  I take my coffee very dark and with a splash of real cream in it.  I absolutely hate non-dairy creamer (coffee should not be sweet) and I just don’t think low or non-fat milk tastes good.  I think you really need a bit of fat to mellow out the bitterness of the coffee.

Right before the husband and I set out to drive home, it occurred to me that I probably should have eaten a bigger brunch, as I wasn’t going to get food for a very long while.  So I quickly ate a spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of nonfat milk.

By the time we pulled into Quiznos for “lunner” several hours later, I was STARVING.  My body sent me a very clear message:  it wanted bread and meat and fat and it wanted it NOW.  A nice low-fat vegetarian or turkey sandwich was absolutely not going to cut it.  So I had a prime rib peppercorn sandwich on toasted whole wheat bread and a few bites of the husband’s chocolate chip cookie.  I only ate about half of the sandwich…it was piled high with meat and cheese and sauce, and it was huge!  The picture definitely does not do justice to its size.

I’m sure that this sandwich was full of saturated fat and calories, but I have come to believe that healthy eating should be a matter of strategy and self-awareness and not will power.  I know some may disagree, but I think that if you are hungry, you should eat.  If your body honestly wants meat or carbs or fat or whatever else, you should listen.  At a certain point, your body has already decided the issue for you, and the healthiest thing is to just give your body what it wants and take the situation as a learning opportunity. In this instance, my body was telling me that 1/4 cup of steel cut oats is not nearly enough breakfast to hold me for 6 hours, peanut butter snack notwithstanding.  It was also telling me that the best way to remedy the situation was to eat a concentrated hit of protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber.  I am 100% sure that a virtutous-sounding turkey sandwich would not have satisfied my hunger today.  So I ate the steak sandwich, enjoyed every meaty, cheesy, sauce-covered bite, and made a mental note to eat a bigger breakfast or pack a snack the next time I’m going to be on the road for hours on end.

The sandwich held me for several hours, but I got a little bit peckish in the evening, so I had two Ak-Mak crackers spread with a wedge of laughing cow light and a gala apple.



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more- excellent post! Glad you have such a great mind set!

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