Posted by: Hil | July 7, 2008

Back to the daily grind

I think my body got a little too used to vacation, because I had so much trouble getting out of bed this morning.  Breakfast this morning was banana oatmeal and coffee.  I took pictures, but they all came out very dark and blurry!  I think that I must have been too sleepy to hold the camera right.

Then it was off to work.  I tend to have a number of small things in my lunch rather than one big one…that way I can eat a bit of it early if I get really hungry.  So here is my lunch, in installments:

An apple

Ak-mak crackers with a wedge of light laughing cow cheese

A cup of Dr. McDougall’s split pea and barley soup

And a square of Lint Excellence 85% dark chocolate

I think that I didn’t have enough fat in my breakfast and lunch, because I got hungry for my afternoon snack quite a bit earlier than usual.  I’ve tried all kinds of snack bars, but I don’t think that any of them can beat the taste, price or nutrition of plain old dried fruit and nuts.  Today I had apple rings, apricots, and pistachios.

This snack is very filling, but since I had it early, I knew I would need something extra to tide me over before dinner.  I picked up a little packet of oatflake cookies from Starbucks, which I blogged about last week.  It was a nice portion controlled little snack (150 calories), but they were much sweeter than I remembered them.  Maybe I was just craving sweets last week because I was sick, so I didn’t notice.


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