Posted by: Hil | July 9, 2008

Another Work Day

Breakfast was my usual, and contained a pleasant surprise and a disappointment.  On the plus side:  I finally found some good peaches in the grocery store!  Yay!  I sliced one up into my yogurt this morning and it was delicious.  My disappointment:  the yogurt.  I wasn’t a big fan of yogurt until I discovered Greek yogurt, which I love.  Other yogurt sometimes has this watery, grainy texture that I hate, especially in nonfat varieties.  Greek yogurt, by contrast, is creamy and thick.  Or at least most of it is.  I whole heartedly recommend Fage 0% and Trader Joe’s brand nonfat greek yogurt.  But this stuff, Greek Gods nonfat Greek yogurt, was just bad.  It was overly sour and had the texture of normal nonfat yogurt…none of the creaminess that I look for in a Greek yogurt.  I was very disappointed.

I packed some yummy snacks today, which I ended up eating before my very late lunch.

First a piece of whole wheat naan…

Followed by a dark chocolate walnut Clif Nectar bar…

…which I had with a nonfat latte from Starbucks.

Lunch was a whole wheat pita with roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and nonfat feta, an apple, and a piece of lowfat string cheese.  For dessert, I had some (unpictured) dried chili mango chunks.  Mmmm.

The sandwich was not great.  I was not impressed with the red pepper hummus, which I only bought because the store was out of my favorite kind.  It definitely tasted of red peppers, but the flavor was a little too raw for something that was supposed to be flavored like roasted red peppers.  It was a little too sharp tasting.  Adding the nonfat feta did not help matters.  It was a spur of the moment addition to add a few more calories to my sandwich that did not work well.  TJ’s nonfat feta works well in some contexts (scrambled into eggs, melted on top of crispbread), but the flavor is very one-note and salty…it has none of the depth and creaminess of a good whole milk feta.  Sometimes I don’t mind that, but the sharp feta with the overly sharp hummus just didn’t work well.  I didn’t finish my sandwich.  So things go with experiments.



  1. You’re lucky to have found decent peaches where you are – they’re absolutely TASTELESS here right now :0(

  2. Boo- so sorry your sandwich wasn’t delish. I get really picky about my hummus (which is why I make my own) too. However, whole wheat naan sounds amazing! Wherever did you purchase it?

  3. VeggieGirl–I KNOW! They’ve been tasteless here for ages, which is ridiculous, since California produces most of the world’s peach crop! They still aren’t melt-in-your-mouth amazing, but even finding some respectable ones made me so happy!

    Anna–My husband spotted the whole wheat naan at Whole Foods. I can double check the brand name, if you like. It was very good!

    I’m so picky about my hummus that I really should try making my own–I think I just have a mental block. Anything involving a food processor seems complicated to me, even if I know it’s not!

  4. I should also note that we have a recipie to make whole wheat naan from scratch 🙂 Look for it soon!

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