Posted by: Hil | July 9, 2008

Potato Scraps

Okay, to make up for my boring work week food, I will post something a bit more fun: my secret family brunch recipe that we like to call “scraps.”  It’s like a cross between hashbrowns and potatos Anna and it is a fabulous, inexpensive brunch treat that tastes great paired with scrambled eggs.  My husband loves them, so my mom always makes them for him when we come to visit.  🙂

To make this delicious concoction, you need three ingredients:  1large russet potato (per batch), olive oil, and salt.  You begin by peeling your potato and discarding the skin.  You then use your peeler to begin peeling away strips of the outside of the potato until the potato is all gone.  The more even you can make these, the better, but it doesn’t have to be exact.

Next, you heat a 10″ pan to medium heat and add some olive oil.  The more flavor your olive oil has, the better this will taste.  You don’t need to cover the entire pan, but don’t skimp on the oil–you need it to create flavor and browning.

Next, begin laying your potato strips in a layer on the bottom of the pan. 

When the bottom is completely covered, start a second layer, going the opposite direction.  Continue until you have laid down all of the potato slices.  The direction the slices face is mainly an aesthetic consideration.  The important thing is to make sure that the layers are flat and even–this will ensure even cooking.

Now, turn the heat to medium high and cover the pan. 

Allow the potatoes to cook until the edges just begin to turn golden brown (about 6 minutes).  They should look like this:

Now the fun part:  get out your spatula, loosen the potato layer, and flip it over.

Season the potatoes with salt.  Now let them cook uncovered until the other side is brown.  This will take less time than the first side, maybe three or four minutes.

Serve hot, with scrambled eggs and bacon if desired.  Be prepared to make multiple batches–my husband is known to eat an entire batch of these all by himself (as is my sister!).



  1. What a great idea! I know my husband will LOVE this! Thank you for posting about it!

  2. Yikes! Yet another side dish using my beloved Idaho potatoes. This “potato frittata” will be on my breakfast table this very morning!

  3. You are just filled with interesting ideas! I so look forward to your posts 🙂

  4. Yum!

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