Posted by: Hil | July 10, 2008

Farmers Market

Thursdays are wonderful because they mean Farmer’s Market for lunch!  Today, I had a baked yam with butter and cinnamon and a chopped salad that contained, among other things, kale, cabbage and black-eyed peas.  The yam was AMAZING.  It was also way too big for me to finish, to my great sorrow.  To drink, I had a glass of iced mint tea.

I got lots of fun things at the market today.  Here is a peak inside my grocery bag:

Fresh tomatoes


A loaf of whole wheat rosemary bread and some whole wheat rolls.  (If you look really hard, you can see a leaf of basil in the bottom of the picture–I bought a gigantic bunch, but forgot to take a picture!)

And two kinds of feta cheese:  plain and sundried tomato!

I was a very happy camper!

My yam lunch was extremely filling…I was really surprised.  But I eventually ended up snacking on a ripe peach and some whole wheat crackers that I had packed.

All in all, much better food than I have any right to expect on a work day!



  1. wow, that yam looks so good! I’m really jealous of your farmers market, I wish I had one near where I live. Fresh fruits and veggies are my favorite!

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