Posted by: Hil | July 10, 2008

Tilapia with Sweet Tomatoes and Spinach

I eat a lot of tilapia…you can buy it for quite cheap at Costco, so I’m always buying in bulk and freezing it.  While I like the fish very well, it can sometimes be a challenge to think of what to do with the pale piece of defrosted meat sitting in your fridge.  This is one of my favorite things.  I season the tilapia and bake it in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes total, or however long it takes until it is done.  Meanwhile, I halve some small tomatoes and place them skin side down in a hot pan with some olive oil and some seasonings.  When the skin begins to blister, I give them a stir and let them cook on the other side.  A few minutes before the tilapia is done, I layer the halved tomatoes on top of the fish and let it all bake together for the last few minutes.  You can serve it with any green vegetable, but I think it tastes particularly good with wilted spinach.  Tonight, I also added a slice of farmers market whole wheat rosemary bread drizzled with a bit of extra virgin olive oil.



  1. Gotta love Costco! I buy tilapia and chicken in bulk from there – it lasts for months!

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