Posted by: Hil | July 15, 2008

Sandwich, Soup, and Salad


My sandwich of the day was at breakfast: half a toasted Ezekiel English muffin topped with one scrambled egg, some sliced farmers market tomatoes and ribbons of basil.  To go with, I had a nice tart grapefruit sprinkled with brown sugar.

The soup and salad came about because I forgot my lunch!  I was really disappointed, as I’d packed myself a really beautiful lunch ahead of time.  But I decided to make the best of the situation and try out a new restaurant at lunch.  I decided to try an upscale pizza place.  I ordered Tuscan white bean soup and a house side salad.


The best thing about the soup was the presentation.  That’s melted parmesan shavings, croutons and a drizzle of fresh pesto on top.  Very yummy and pretty to look at.  It can be pretty hard to make soup look pretty, so I will definitely remember this presentation.  The taste, unfortunately, didn’t live up to the fancy presentation.  The soup tasted pretty much exactly like a so-so minestrone that someone had pureed.  It was perfectly edible, but I was pretty let down after the fancy presentation and description.  I wouldn’t order this again–it was expensive for a bowl of soup and not worth the price–but it was still a sustaining bowl of bean soup, so it served its purpose.


The salad, on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise.  Looking at this on the plate, I wasn’t expecting very much, but it was delicious.  The greens were crisp and fresh, the dressing was clearly housemade, and the ingredients were balanced very well:  not too much dressing, just enough cheese, and only two pesky croutons.

For my afternoon snack, I found a box of Kashi crackers at a nearby store and decided that those could be my new work “emergency” stash.  I’ve avoided them up until now because, although they do contain whole grains, white flour is the first ingredient.  I try to avoid white flour completely for everyday foods, so having it listed first is pretty much a deal breaker.  But I know that Kath and others love them, and I was short on options, so I decided to give them a try.  I started with a small handful.


They were very tasty!  I ended up eating a few more handfuls over the course of the afternoon.  They were quite filling, although I think anything eaten straight out of the box is easy to abuse!  I may portion them out next time.  And for planned lunches, I will stick with my favorite 100% whole grain brands, like Ak-Mak, Wasa and Ryvita.

After work, I stopped by a local farmer’s market to pick up fresh produce.  I got red and green onion, grape tomatoes, yellow summer squash, green beans, and fresh thyme.


I wasn’t all that hungry at the farmers market, but then I saw that the nearby Cold Stone was selling their new frozen yogurt that was (*gasp*) actually made from real yogurt.  I’ve had similar things at little local shops, but it would be very exciting if such things became available at a big chain like Cold Stone.  I had to try a bit to report back to everyone, so I got the smallest size with some blueberries mixed in and ate about half.


The verdict:  it was a very refreshing, tasty frozen treat.  The signs advertised it as 25 calories, which was complete bunk:  that’s the caloric value for one ounce!  According to Cold Stone’s website, the small size contains 140 calories…much better than normal ice cream, but much more than the misleading advertisement would have you believe.  Unfortunately, it contains almost as much sugar as some of their ice cream flavors.  I had that yucky “I ate too much sugar” feeling pretty soon after eating it, even though I only had a little.  Then again, I am far more sensitive to sugar than most people.  If you are looking for a healthier ice cream alternative at Cold Stone, this is definitely your best bet.  It’s nonfat and is lower in calories and sugar than any of their sorbets.  But I think I’ll stick with my own icy fruit smoothies and the occasional scoop of real ice cream–this just wasn’t delicious enough to justify putting that much sugar into my body.



  1. That white bean soup looks scrumptious!

    Thanks for telling us about Cold Stone’s new frozen yogurt! It looks especially good with those blueberries thrown in – and I think I’ve got the sweet tooth to match it 🙂

  2. That’s interesting about Cold Stone! I was just there the other day and had the sorbet for lack of a better option- it was meh. At least the cone was good 🙂

    Your breakfast looks delicious! Especially the fresh basil. Yum.

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