Posted by: Hil | July 16, 2008

Update on Blueberry Sis

Remember the care package that I put together for Blueberry Sis over the weekend?  Well, she got it today, and she seems very pleased with its contents.  She called me as soon as she received it, and she had already broken into the banana chips.  She was happy that the package largely contained real food, not just junk, so she would actually have something to sustain her in between all of those allergen-filled dorm meals.

Blueberry Sis plans to contribute at least one guest post on French dessert when she gets home from her summer program and has access to a kitchen.  She suggested profiteroles with ice cream and chocolate sauce as a good starting place.  Apparently, despite their fanciness, profiteroles are not very hard to make.  And, while they aren’t French, she also suggested rugelach, a Jewish cream cheese cookie that is easy, delicious and beautiful to look at.  In case you haven’t noticed, Blueberry Sis is all about bringing “special” food into everyday life.  She always makes time to prepare or acquire food that will make her happy.  My daily meals may not look much like anything she would eat, but I’ve learned a lot from her attitude toward food and life in general.



  1. I’m so glad that Blueberry Sis liked her care package! I’m certainly looking forward to her guest posts – they sound delicious!

  2. i vote for rugelach! i absolutely adore them and haven’t found one that compares to the way my great-grandmother used to make them. Unfortunately no recipe exists for her version so my search for the perfect rugelach continues!

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