Posted by: Hil | July 19, 2008



These pizzas are one of my favorite things to make for a weekend lunch or dinner.  The crust is just a whole wheat pita, which I top with tomato sauce (from a jar), cheese, and whatever herbs and veggies I have on hand.  Today, I used a fire-roasted tomato sauce, an ounce of farmers market feta, some diced bell pepper, and minced scallions, thyme and rosemary.  Delicious, savory and filling.  To go with it, I made up a simple salad of baby arugula with leftover lemon vinaigrette and a sprinkle of pine nuts. 


This lunch was pretty late, since we were stuck running errands all morning/early afternoon.  So to hold me over, I had an tart green apple with a spoonful of peanut butter for dipping.  I sprinkled the top with cinnamon. 


Today, I discovered a great trick for peanut butter.  I love dipping apples and celery sticks in peanut butter, but sometimes the natural peanut butter is just so solid that it’s very hard to use it as a dip.  So today, I added a splash of water to my pb (in a separate bowl), microwaved it for a a few seconds to soften the cold peanut butter, and mashed it all together.  It worked brilliantly.  The water all incorporated and didn’t make it watery at all…just slightly thinned and perfect for dipping.



  1. Yum! Pizza, salad & apples…sounds good to me 🙂

    Great blog!

  2. great idea with the peanut butter. i have the same problem with dipping and end up using it all in the first bite because it’s too thick. i’m definitely going to try this trick!

  3. You know me and pizza! That looks FABULOUS!

  4. That pizza looks yummy! Your blog is great and I just added it to my blogroll! Please come check it out sometime when you have a chance.

  5. What a GORGEOUS apple/peanut-butter plate!

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