Posted by: Hil | July 22, 2008

Spotlight: Ellie Krieger

Since I’ve posted about my experiences with the South Beach Diet, I felt that it was important to give a bit of press time to a few of the other books and resources that have had a siginificant impact on my food philosophy.  First up is Ellie Krieger, an RD who has written two books and hosts the popular Food Network show Healthy Appetite.

What first drew me to Ellie was her food.  When I discovered her show on Food Network, I didn’t even realize that I was watching a healthy cooking show…I just knew that whatever she was making looked like exactly what I wanted to eat for dinner.  Her food is colorful, fresh, inventive and nutritious, and it doesn’t look at all like health or diet food.  She eschews artificially fat-free, sugar-free processed ingredients, opting instead for moderation and strategic use of high-calorie ingredients. I don’t think there is anyone else who has given me as many recipes that I have made two or more times–her cooking is just exactly the sort of thing that I want to eat on a day-to-day basis.

Her nutritional advice is simple, no-nonsense, no brainer stuff, but she presents it in a wonderfully appealing manner.  Her philosophy is that foods should be divided into three categories:  usually, sometimes, and rarely.  There is no “never” category…anything is okay if it’s in balance with the rest of your diet.  Ellie advises her readers/viewers to bulk up recipes with vegetables, make switches where they will be painless (go for low fat ricotta or mozzarella, for example), and save their “rarely” foods for things that are high in flavor so that they can just use a little.

One of the most helpful things I ever did while I was trying to sort out my diet was to compose my own personal list of “usually,” “sometimes,” and “rarely” foods based on the things that I ate frequently.  This simple exercise really helped me to see areas where I could painlessly improve my diet.

I am honestly not doing an adequate job of explaining all of the reasons why I love Ellie Krieger.  So I’m just going to tell you to look at her many recipes that are available free online.  Try them.  When you’ve fallen in love with those, go buy her cookbook!



  1. I love her so much. I have only seen her show, never read any of her books. I need to stalk amazon for them.

  2. I love Elle too – her recipes are so creative and wholesome!

  3. I love her show as well. Thanks for the review I didn’t even know she had/has cookbooks out there.

  4. Hil- this review is awesome- what a great feature. I LOVE the categories of food- I think I should try this. What a great tip- thank you so much!

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