Posted by: Hil | July 24, 2008

Farmers Market Thursday


Today at breakfast, I woke up with a deep desire for pancakes.  Whipping up decent tasting pancakes for one person is a challenge, and I am constantly on a quest to find a good single-serving pancake recipe.  I have a good whole wheat protein pancake recipe that I use sometimes, but I didn’t have any cottage cheese on hand, so that was out.  So I improvised.  Given that that is the last thing you should ever do with bread related products, my end result came out quite well!  I topped them with a little agave nectar, which was an absolutely perfect topping.  It tastes delicious and because it is thinner than honey or maple syrup, a little goes a long way.  To go with my pancakes, I had the last of my beautiful cantaloupe.


I love getting lunch at the farmers market, but sources of protein tend to be sorely lacking there.  So today, I brought along white beans with fresh herbs, sun dried tomatoes and feta.



This was supplemented by an amazing farmers market find: organic Japanese plum basil ice cream.  I am a culinary adventurer and I absolutely could not pass up the opportunity to try that flavor.  It was delicious…creamy and not too sweet with bits of plum scattered throughout.  It didn’t taste like basil, per se, but it had a little bit of a mysterious complexity that a plain fruit ice cream would not have had.  I slowly savored half of it.


I also got unsweetened iced mint tea.  I love iced herbal teas on hot days.


In the afternoon, I got a bit hungry, so I had a serving of Kashi crackers, which I scraped over the top of my farmers market sheep cheese.


Like so.


I also started in on my berries.


I can’t believe that I only get one more day at this farmers market!



  1. Hmm what a delicious day! That bean salad looks fantastic!

  2. That ice cream sounds delish!

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