Posted by: Hil | July 26, 2008

Happy Weekend!


I’m normally a fan of whole grains for breakfast, but today I woke up with a craving for eggs.  So I scrambled up two eggs and topped them with cilantro and a generous pile of salsa.  I absolutely love this salsa.  I got it at the farmers market and it just tastes fresh and perfect.  It has a kick to it, but it isn’t so spicy that I can’t pile copious amounts of it on my food.

I spent the morning grocery shopping and then lounging around in a coffee shop with a triple espresso and a copy of the New York Times.  Heaven. 

Lunch was a multi-course affair.  Since I tend to eat the same few lunch foods day after day during the week, I like to be a bit more inventive with my weekend lunches.  I started with a juicy tangerine.  You didn’t expect me to plan a meal on an empty stomach, did you?


I next tried out a new kind of boxed soup:  Pacific Natural Foods cashew carrot ginger soup.  I love soup.  I think there is absolutely nothing like a cup of flavorful liquid goodness to round out a meal.  I make my own when I have time, and I’m even known to drink good quality vegetable broth straight.  (If you think I’m crazy, you’ve never tried Imagine Organic Vegetable Broth before.)  But every now and then, I enjoy being lazy and enjoying a canned or boxed soup.  This soup was an impulse buy, but it turned out to be delicious.


I had a bowl topped with fresh minced ginger and cilantro.  Carrot and coconut were the main flavors, with a nice spicy kick from the ginger.  The texture was thick and creamy and wonderful.


By the time I had finished my soup, I had to break into my new package of whole wheat tortillas for a quesadilla lunch.  My fillings were delicious, but a bit unusual.


Along with some part-skim mozzarella, I put leftover salmon, leftover roasted veggies, cilantro, and a dollop of pesto.  Fusion food a la Hil.  Very yummy despite its inauthenticity.  I made one for the husband, too, and he demolished it.  I like to think this is because my food is delicious, but I think it may be because he is excited to be eating bread again.  He is officially out of SB Phase 1 now.  He lost 6 pounds in the last 12 days, bringing his total weigh loss since January to 27 pounds.  (cue applause)



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