Posted by: Hil | July 27, 2008

Sunday morning

Last night, the husband and I went to a party that had the most amazing spread of healthy, festive food.  First there were the pre-dinner munchies:  fresh fruit, spiced cashews, a beautiful cheese tray, and blue corn chips and pita bread with homemade hummus and guacamole for dipping.  I sampled everything, then went back for seconds on guacamole, which was fantastic.  Then came dinner: a beautiful array of grilled meats and veggies served on lavash bread along with green salad and fresh fruit.  I had a bite of the grilled salmon, but soon decided that my main protein would be the kebabs, which were incredibly juicy and flavorful and full of good spices.  I think that they were lamb, but they were made from ground meat, so it was hard to tell.  I also had grilled veggies, green salad, grapes, cherries, and a roasted red potato sprinkled with feta.  For dessert, I had a square of fudge filled with dried cranberries.  Delicious. 

I actually ate very moderately considering how delicious everything was!  My main indulgence of the evening was my choice of drink:  fresh mojitos.  Normally I avoid sugary drinks, especially when they contain alcohol.  But I’d never had a mojito before, and these were very, very good.  I don’t think I need to have another sugary drink for a very long time after those, but it was definitely worth doing once.  I enjoyed every sip.

I was in a bit of a sugar crash when I woke up this morning and found myself craving the oddest things.  I ended up eating some leftover garbanzos for breakfast along with my peanut butter toast.  Odd, perhaps, but the hit of protein and veggies and fiber was just what I needed to get my body back on track.

IMG_1778 IMG_1781

The husband and I weren’t really in the mood for Indian food today for some reason, so we decided to switch things up and go somewhere else.  I ordered a big bowl of tomato basil soup.  I’m not normally a big tomato soup person, but this stuff was really creamy and delicious.  I ignored the cold crostini that came with it.


I also had a side salad with champagne vinaigrette.  To my annoyance, the dressing came on the side.  I suppose that it is nice to be able to control the amount of dressing, but since (according to Miss Manners) it’s impolite to toss one’s salad at the table, I always have a terrible time getting the dressing properly distributed.  The problem is even more difficult with thick dressing, as it come out in big glops rather than a nice controlled stream.  I’ve figured out that forks are the perfect tool for conveying such dressing.  Not the diet trick of sticking your fork in the dressing before each bite…that always struck me as a bit unappetizing.  Rather, dipping your fork in the dressing and then tapping it at various points of your salad.  Voila:  nice even dabs of dressing distributed around your greens.


To drink, I had a cup of (non-caffeinated) mint tea.


They gave me my own little cute teapot to brew it in so that the bag wouldn’t be in the way.


I garnished my mug with lemon wedges.


The husband, for his part decided to celebrate the end of his South Beach excursion with a bacon and egg sandwich.  He shared a bite with me.


And, of course, lemonade.




  1. i think you should always have what you feel like for breakfast! i’m glad you enjoyed the mojito – we all need one of those sometimes 🙂

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