Posted by: Hil | July 28, 2008

Goodbye, Mondays


Well, I may not be saying goodbye to Mondays strictly speaking, but I’m saying goodbye to Mondays in the back-to-work sense for the next month.  This is the last week of my summer job.  After that, I’m taking some time off, visiting family and friends, and then jumping right back into school.  This morning I woke up to a house completely lacking eggs, milk and yogurt.  I was very uninspired to make breakfast under such circumstances.  I remembered that a healthy fast food-ish restaurant near my work sells oatmeal in the mornings, so I just had coffee and a piece of fruit and bought some oatmeal when I arrived.  The oatmeal could have used some salt or cinnamon, but it was very good…creamy and thick with strawberry chunks and a nice little to-go container of brown sugar to sprinkle on top.  I’m pretty sure that the oatmeal was made with milk instead of water, and the milk had to have been at least 2%.  As a result it was extremely creamy and filling.  I couldn’t finish my huge portion and I stayed full for quite awhile after.

Lunch today was Dr. McDougall’s black bean and lime soup.  I cannot adequately express how much I love these things.  They are filling and nutritious, contain plenty of fiber and protein, and taste absolutely delicious. 


See?  Yummy.


To go with my soup, I had a tangerine…


…and a spinach salad with pine nuts.   


I always pack my dressing in a sandwich bag.  Leafy salads get wilted if you put the dressing on hours ahead of time.  It’s easy to pour a nice thin stream from the bag, and if the dressing separates (as it is starting to below), a few quick squishes of the bag remedies the problem.


Voila.  Spinach salad with Dijon vinaigrette


For an afternoon snack, I had one of the husband’s whole wheat cinnamon rolls.  Yum.


And look what came in the mail today!  Yep, that’s right…I am now the proud owner of an espresso machine.  I had some Amazon gift money from my birthday to use up, and this lovely thing went on sale.  I am so excited!


The other highlight of the day was having an excuse to wear my new little black dress, which I got compliments on all day.  I was happy!

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  1. wow you look really fantastic in that dress!!

    the cinnamon roll looks amazing – i lovelovelove cinnamon 🙂 thanks for the tip about carry-around dressing!

  2. those ww cinnamon rolls look incredible!

  3. Girl you look amazing in that dress- and what a fabulous figure! You should have been on the cover of the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” Kudos to you on your fantastic fashion!

  4. Good luck with your last week at your summer job!!

    Oooh, the whole wheat cinnamon roll looks/sounds quite scrumptious – yum!!

    Cute dress!!

  5. that dress is great : ) I love getting dressed up every now and then.

    Exciting about the espresso maker—I got one this summer too and LOVE it! It makes me feel so classy drinking espresso rather than my usual coffee. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this milk frother:

    It is seriously amazing and I make the best lattes and cappuccinos with it. It seriously rivals Starbucks and let’s just say I’ve been saving tons of money this summer by making my drinks at home!

  6. Great dress, Hil!

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