Posted by: Hil | July 28, 2008

Quick Dinner Post


This was a quickly thrown together dinner that worked surprisingly well.  It’s just whole wheat spaghetti, frozen shrimp (boiled with the spaghetti), roasted red peppers from the farmers market, and pesto.  Toss and serve.

To go with, I had tomatoes with basil…


…and, for dessert, a mango diced with slivers of fresh mint.


Can you tell I’ve got a lot of herbs to use up?



  1. oh oh your pasta!!!! those kinds of pasta are my absolute favourite – seafood, simple sauce, mm.

  2. Fresh herbs are the best!

  3. Love all the herb varieties you have going on – my herb garden died this year (due to poor weather conditions), so enjoy them for me!! :0)

  4. WOW really easy and very yummy looking!!!!

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