Posted by: Hil | August 1, 2008

Eight Culinary Goals

Roni tagged me in a blog game a few days ago.  The idea is to post eight things that you dream of doing before you die.  I normally don’t fill out things like this, but this one got me thinking about all of the food related things that I want to do before I die.  So I will share eight of my culinary dreams/goals.  Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Grow my own herb and vegetable garden.
  2. Learn how to chop really fast and do fancy knifework.
  3. Travel to Europe and eat lots of good food.  Specifically, I want to eat pastry in France, pasta in Italy, tapas in Spain, and sausage in Germany.  And I want to eat bread in every country that I visit!
  4. Learn to make fantastic souffle.
  5. Write down all of my mother’s amazing recipes.  (There are a lot!)
  6. Develop my own collection of recipes that is good enough that someday someone else will want to write them all down.
  7. Learn enough about wine to be able to pick out a bottle based on something more than variety, price range, and prettiness of label.
  8. Raise kids who love fresh fruits and vegetables and know their way around a kitchen.

Rather than tagging specific blogs, I’m thowing this open for whoever wants to comment.  It’s your turn:  what culinary things do you dream of doing?



  1. I would love to take a cooking class and would love to make bread from scratch.

  2. What a fun question.

    I want to improve my cake/cupcake decoration skills so that I can make them for people for occasions. Nothing fancy, just simple and nice stuff.

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