Posted by: Hil | August 6, 2008

Pike Place Market


The day after our anniversary, the husband and I decided to explore Pike Place Market, a famous open air market in downtown Seattle.  I started the day with a latte and relished the last few minutes of our amazing view.  (You can see the space needle in the background of the picture.)


By the time we had packed up and checked out, we were hungry for brunch.  We walked toward the market waiting for inspiration to strike.  We decided to eat at Bacco Bistro, a cute little place just a block away from the market.


I had a personal sized mushroom and spinach quiche, a small side salad with strawberry vinaigrette, and a bit of fruit.  The quiche was piping hot and the crust was perfectly crispy and flaky.  The top was covered with gooey melted cheese, but the inside was absolutely stuffed with delicious veggies. 


The husband had a ham and egg croissant sandwich with herbed potatoes.  I tasted his potatoes and sandwich and stole all of the fruit.  The sandwich was amazing.  The croissant was clearly very fresh and well made, and the ham was high quality, salty and good.


One thing that astounded my about this place was how reasonable the portions were.  I cleaned my plate and stole bites from the husband and I didn’t feel the slightest bit stuffed.  I can’t remember the last time that happened to me at a restaurant. 

After brunch, it was off to the market.  It was overrun by tourists, but still a very fun experience.  I love farmers markets.  Too bad that we have several days and a plane ride between us and our refrigerator…no fruit for us!  We did, however, but a few things that are either non-perishable or that we thought the in-laws would like to share with us.  I got some whole wheat orzo which I have been looking everywhere for.  Across the street from the market, we found a German deli.  We picked up authentic pumpernickel bread, dark chocolate with hazelnuts, and a big loaf of some kind of specialty German meat that I can’t pronounce.  All I know is that the husband was thrilled to have found some.  The shopkeeper let him have a free slice as a snack while she sliced up his order.  He looked positively giddy.


The husband made it very clear that we were not leaving the market until he’d had a chance to order some fish and chips at a nearby Ivar’s.  He got a combo meal with cod, halibut and salmon.  I had a bit of each kind, plus an extra of the halibut (my favorite) and a few of his fries.


While we ate, we watched the seagulls flying over the Sound.


There was a cute crepe shop that I had my eye on, but I eventually realized that I just wasn’t hungry for something as heavy as a crepe, especially after tasting all of the husband’s food.  So I picked out one perfectly juicy peach as an afternoon snack.


In other news, expect a dessert post from Blueberry Sis in the next couple of days!



  1. AW! I have many loved ones in Seattle! I love that city!! Thanks for making me smile ! 🙂

  2. This is why I love food blogs. Thanks for the pics. of a place I’ve heard of and dreamt of, but never been to.

    Blueberry Sis – how cute.

    – Heather

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