Posted by: Hil | August 9, 2008

Free Lunch


I had the best free lunch of my life yesterday.  The husband and I visited a friend who works at Google and we got to eat lunch at the on-site cafeteria.  Google gives away free food and swag to their employees constantly.  I have heard many stories from my friend who works in the main Silicon Valley office about all of the various perks of being a Google employee, but I’d never actually been to a Google campus until yesterday.  I had a bowl of split pea soup, fresh fruit salad, a slice of blue cheese, roasted vegetable and spinach salad, a bowl of blueberries and a fresh whole grain roll.  The boys went for baked potatoes loaded with shredded meat, cheese, and all kinds of toppings.  And this was a small regional office!  The main office has three cafeterias and serves things like fresh fish with vegetables made to order!

I probably didn’t need to eat dessert, but I spotted some incredibly cute mini cheesecakes.  They were about the same circumference as an “ok” finger sign (thumb and index finger together).  I picked the chocolate mocha one.


Before we left, our friend invited us to raid the drink fridges (full of juice, tea, coffee, vitamin water, smoothies and every kind of soda you can think of) and the wall of packaged snacks.  I contented myself with a bottle of water from the fridge, but I decided that the snack wall was a perfect solution to my problem of figuring out what to pack on the plane tomorrow.  I did not want to make the same mistake of underpacking twice!

First, I grabbed a bag of roasted edamame with wasabi.  Healthy, but filling.  The bag wasn’t huge, but contained multiple servings.  It should be plenty of food.


Next, a gourmet snack mix with pistachios, figs, pumpkins seeds, sesame seeds, and spices.  Again, a smallish package, but with plenty of food in it.  I cannot wait to try this.


And just for fun, a bag of fruit crisps:  freeze dried slices of strawberry and banana.  Only 30 calories in the whole bag!  I couldn’t resist and ended up breaking into these early.  They were fun to eat…light and crunchy.  They seem like an ideal snack if you really just want to crunch on something, but don’t actually need a lot of sustenance.  I try not to give in to those moods (or go for veggie sticks), so I probably wouldn’t buy them myself.  But they were a very clever idea.


I’m flying home today.  Hopefully I will have a better report for you this time around!



  1. the google workers are so lucky!! those cupcakes are absolutely adorable! and those edamames…. mm.

  2. Wow, Google does know how to treat its employees! I’ve heard of all the perks too – but it’s great that you got to take some home for yourself! Can’t wait to hear what you think of them – especially those Sahale Snacks, because I’ve tried a different flavor before and loved it.

    Have a safe flight!

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