Posted by: Hil | August 15, 2008



I think I’m honestly getting the hang of this flying thing.  I woke up extra early for my flight and ate a nice bowl of bulgar and oats with blueberries.  Upon arriving at the airport, I acquired a small nonfat latte.  The prices that airports charge you for drinks are obscene, but I find that a midmorning cup of coffee really tides me over and keeps me happy, so I reluctantly pay anyway.  I also shelled out money for a gigantic bottle of water.  It’s a crime that they don’t let you take your own water in, and then charge you crazy prices for theirs, but I’m a LOT happier on the plane if I’m well hydrated.  I’ve been making a big effort to push fluids on my last few plane trips (per Mireille Guiliano’s suggestion), and I really think it makes a huge difference in how I feel.


Why did it not occur to me sooner that I can pack my own food for planes?  At lunch time, while everyone else was listlessly munching on the little packages of peanuts and cookies and crackers, I enjoyed a hummus and roasted red pepper sandwich on whole wheat pita, a cup of Fage yogurt and a fresh peach.  I flew coach on a cheap airline with no one to keep me company, but it was honestly fine.  I have a book to read and I feel perfectly content.  I really wonder how much of my previous irritability and restlessness during flying was just due to bad food choices?


All was going well until two minor disasters struck at once 1. Our flight was delayed and 2.  The flight attendant, thinking my bag of afternoon snacks was trash, threw it away!  I wasn’t too happy.  Luckily I did have some emergency snacks stashed in the back of my backpack, so it was dried chili mango and a handful of edamame to the rescue.  And, I confess, I ate some of the horrible stale airline peanuts. 

But I eventually made it to DC, and all was well.  I made myself a cup of Dr. McDougall’s soup and ate it with an orange and a lovely slice of peach gingerbread cake that my friend presented to me.  We stayed up way to late talking and watching gymnastics.



  1. Ugh, don’t even get me started about not being able to bring water through security – it’s ridiculous!! I swear, some of these new rules at the airports are not helpful.

    Eek, thank goodness you made it to DC after all of that – hang in there!! And enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, WATER, I know! It’s so freaking annoying! I guess it’s partly my fault but every time I seem to have a full bottle of water on my way in because I hate airports and I know I’ll get thirsty and then I have to throw it out! On top of paying way too much for another once I pass through! Ugh, I totally understand.

    Anyway 🙂 glad you eventually got to DC traveling in general is never easy but it sounds like you had some great food and reading to keep you company. Enjoy your Friday!

  3. Yum! Your plane meal looks great! They sure don’t make it easy at airports, do they? Way to be prepared!
    My favorite plane meal is a peanut butter sandwich on Ezekiel with a bag of cherries (when in season). Oh, it makes me so happy:).

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