Posted by: lemonator | August 16, 2008

Freedom Friday :)

Hi, Lemonator again.  Today was a rather fun day, foodwise… culminating in probably one of my favorite vegetable side dishes ever.

This morning I polished off the rest of my macaroni and cheese

(this is from yesterday…)

This is something I only dare to do when Hil is out of the house, for macaroni and cheese is *not* for breakfast under any circumstance.  At all…

For lunch I got a nice caesar salad from the cafe downstairs from my lab and supplemented it with some challah that I got from trader joes (sorry, no photo of the salad… forgot the camera)

Challah and other sweetbreads are one of my great weaknesses… its hard to keep in mind that the smallest amount of bread (17 servings in that loaf there…) has plenty of calories (the entire loaf is probably 1800 calories, which always surprises me)… delicious, but also something to be rationed

So I ate only a quarter of it for lunch and a quarter more for a snack in the midafternoon

For dinner, I had some delightfully prepared catfish with a mustard rub that Hil had actually prepared for us for wednesday night but we had never gotten around to… and my favorite veggies of them all:  Roasted Brussel Sprouts. 

I’m glad Im in good enough company that I dont have to raise my hands and defend my love of brussel sprouts, so… lets get right on to the preparation itself.  You know how sometimes/often when you prepare brussel sprouts, they end up being a little hard/chewey and maybe a little rubbery if you dont quite know what you’re doing with them?  This method… is rather foolproof.  Simply take your sprouts, clean them, arrange them in a pan, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and put in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes or so… they come out crispy on the outside and buttery/meltey on the inside

yum!  Well, thats enough for today.  Tomorrow/Sunday Im going to make a yummy cake to share with my lab!



  1. YOUR favorite vegetable is Roasted Brussel Sprouts???? I adore them as well!!!! Sooo delicious 🙂

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