Posted by: Hil | August 19, 2008

Sunday in D.C.


This weekend was pretty much my perfect type of vacation:  good company, walking to lots of different fun sites, and varied and tasty food.  For lunch on Sunday, the roommate took me to Chop’t, which she described as the Coldstone of salad bars.  I had a spinach salad with chickpeas, white beans, goat cheese, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette, which came with a piece of whole grain flatbread.   Upon first glance, it looked like I had an awful lot of greens and not a lot of filling, but once I dug in, it was actually perfect.  The bowl of salad was huge, and I left lunch feeling very satisfied but not stuffed.  The roommate and I then spent the afternoon wandering around the National Gallery of Art. 

For dinner, the roommate insisted that I had to try my first blue crab feast.  So we trekked out to Bethesda and ordered a big pile of crabs to share.  It was a very messy, tasty dinner, and the crabs were unbelievably fresh and sweet.


We also had some nice traditional sides, of course. 


Since dinner was just some light seafood, we decided to round out our meal with gelato.  I had a small with half dark Valrohna chocolate and half hazelnut.


I scooped them together, like so.  The flavors were good alone, but together they were fantastic.  I dubbed the combination “chocolate hazelnut transcendence.”  It was really that good.


After dessert, we still felt like staying out and about, so we wandered around for a bit and ended up settling in a tapas restaurant to sit at the bar and watch gymnastics.  We ordered a smoked sheep cheese and a tart, creamy goat cheese to munch on while we sat.  They came with olives, good bread, toast points and dried apricots cooked up with cinnamon and spices.


I had a great time in D.C.  The roommate said that she’d eaten better this weekend than on any other in recent memory, and I think I may have to agree.  The weather was gorgeous, and I am utterly jealous of how walkable D.C. is.  I may have eaten a lot, but I walked almost twice as much as I normally do, and that was just with walking to get places!  But it’s good to be home.  I can’t believe that school starts up again tomorrow!



  1. What a great weekend!! Especially with those eats 🙂

    Good luck with school!!

  2. sounds wonderful! i’m so jealous of the seafood – my favourite. the gelato looks delicous too, of course 🙂

  3. Definitely sounds like an amazing time! Everything you ate looks delish! Good luck with school tomorrow 🙂

  4. Glad you had a great relaxing vacation before law school stress begins again.


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