Posted by: lemonator | August 19, 2008


Hey–Lemonator here.  So, in keeping with my German heritage, I made some German cake this past weekend:  ZebraKuchen (Zebra Cake).  Its basically just marble cake, so I figure I can just give you the recipie and you’ll be fine…

Oh, except for that whole ‘in german’ part 🙂  My translating might be a bit rusty, but lets get started.  A word in advance… this recipie has no shortening (germans would use lard anyhows…) or butter in it, and relies on egg yolk and oil instead… which is a unique thing, at least in the cakes I’ve made in the past… So… we begin.

Ingredients:  5 eggs, 250 g sugar (germans dont really believe in using things like ‘cups’ for solid things…), 1 Pck. Vannila-sugar (or 1 t vanilla and 1 T sugar), 125 ml lukewarm water, 250 ml cooking oil, 375 g flour, 1 packet baking powder (about 1 T), 2 T cocoa powder.

Step 1:  Separate the eggs and save the whites for later.  Mix together the sugars and the egg yolk until smooth.  Vanilla sugar is something I’ve rarely seen here in the states, but over there is quite common… its basically vanilla infused sugar, and serves roughly the same purpose as vanilla and sugar separatly.

Step 2:  Add in the oil and water and mix.

Step 3:  Mix the flour and Baking powder (again in convenient package form in germany, but easy enough to convert), and add slowly to the oil/water/sugar/yolk mix.  Divide this into two bowls with roughly equal quantities in both (although the one that will eventually be the ‘white’ batter can have a little more.  Mix the cocoa powder into one of the bowls to create a ‘light’ and ‘dark’ bowl.

Step 4:  Beat the eggs and fold into the ‘dark’ batter to counteract the effects of the cocoa.

Step 5:  In a baking dish (recipie calls for a springform… which works marvelously… but I’ve done it in everything from that to a breadpan, begin alternating 2 T of each color, consistantly dropping in the center of the pan… the idea is to form concentric rings of alternating color, which will give the final cake its ‘zebra’ like appearance.  I typically can’t stand dropping it in 2 T at a time, so I go up to half a cup or do heaping spoonfulls… the end result is just as tasty, anyways.

Step 6:  Wash your bowls immediately.  When this stuff dries, its impossible to get out without a jackhammer (a common occurance with german food.  Look for german egg noodles (spatzle) to be coming soon… and those are even worse!)

Step 7:  Bake at 180 degrees C (about 350), for 50-60 minutes

Step 8:  Enjoy!

Hil is back from her trip, so expect usual updates to resume tonight.




  1. Tasty, tasty zebrakuchen…

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