Posted by: Hil | August 21, 2008

August 21


Thursday is always a busy day for me, so this post will be a bit on the short side.  Breakfast was cantaloupe chunks and half a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter.  This was a somewhat lighter breakfast than usual (no yogurt), so I ended up going out for a small nonfat latte midmorning.   (And, truth be told, I acquired a ginger biscotti to go with it.  I’m a sucker for those things.)


The contents of my lunch sack:  leftover cannellini bean salad, carrot sticks, a granny smith apple, a Clif nectar bar, hazelnuts and dried apricots, and rye crackers with a wedge of laughing cow.  I didn’t ever get to the cheese and crackers, so I used them to supplement my dinner.


…which was leftover lentil soup.  Thursday night is choir night, so we’re always in a rush to get out of the door, so planned leftovers are a lifesaver.  I went a bit crazy with the parmesan, as you can tell. 


In closing, happy birthday to Blueberry Sis!



  1. Mmm, cantaloupe!! And that ginger biscotti sounds good 🙂

    Wishing your sister a very happy birthday!!

  2. Happy belated Blueberry Sis!

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