Posted by: Hil | August 22, 2008

Happy Friday


I’ve been craving eggs lately, and I have no idea why.  But for some reason, I’ve been extremely desirous of their creamy, savory goodness.  So today, I had a fried egg over a bed of wilted spinach with half an English muffin with a smear of butter for breakfast.  One great thing about eggs is that they motivate me to eat vegetables at in the morning.  I’m sorry, but there is no way that I am going to eat a pile of vegetables with my oatmeal.  This breakfast was very tasty, but pretty light, so I later filled it in with some coffee with cream and a cup of applesauce. 


Lunch was split pea soup, the other half of my English muffin spread with pesto, and some bell pepper sticks.


And some chunks of dried chili mango for dessert.


The husband volunteered to make dinner tonight.  I was impatient, so I ate half of a warm, whole wheat mini pita while dinner was cooking.


Dinner was worth waiting for:  meatloaf over a bed of steamed spinach.  I never used to like meatloaf when I was a kid, but I’ve grown quite fond of it.  We always make it with tomato paste instead of ketchup, which really boosts the flavor of the dish.


I’m all out of fruit (Costco trip planned for tomorrow!), so I went with another cup of applesauce for dessert.

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. I used to eat cinnamon-sprinkled applesauce ALL the time when I was little – brings back nostalgia!!

    Dried chili mango?!?!?! I REALLY need to find some of that…

    Enjoy your saturday!!

  2. the soup and pesto/muffin lunch looks particularly delicious! i am really into split pea soup now that i’ve made my own. yum. apple & cinnamon = best match.

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