Posted by: Hil | August 23, 2008



As I mention from time to time, seasonal eating is a big part of my food philosophy.  I endeavor not to be too much of a purist on this topic, as I know that very few people live in climates that make completely seasonal eating realistic.  But I think that it’s culinarily, economically, and environmentally wise to make the most of ingredients when they are at their best.  I am particularly a stickler about tomatoes, corn and salmon–to me, these things are so much better in peak season that I would rather go without during the winter months than eat the flavorless alternatives. 

But eating foods that are in season is only part of what seasonal eating to me.  It is my firm belief that your body’s needs change over the course of the year.  As days lengthen or shorten and temperatures change, the exercise and eating habits of the previous season just don’t make sense any more.  Since I am a student, season changes also correlate with significant schedule changes.   I always find myself in a bit of a food rut during season shifts–my meals stop feeling satisfying, I start craving new things, and I feel generally bored and restless.  I’ve started to feel that way over the past few days, so I’m doing my best to slow down and take stock of my routine.

I’m still in the process of figuring things out, but my body seems pretty clear on the following points:  Lots more beans–I have been craving beans and legumes like you wouldn’t believe.  More soup, cooked greens, eggs, dark chocolate and whole grains.  Somewhat less chicken and fish.  Those proteins were practically all I wanted to eat during summer, but I’m suddenly wanting them a lot less.  It’s still too early for constant use of the roasting pan and crock-pot.  Much more walking–the weather is perfect for it and it helps me work up an appetite for my food.  More yoga.  Possibly less time in the stuffy gym–who wants to be in there while the weather is so gorgeous?

It’s astounding to me how strongly my body reacts to seasons even in Southern California, which is as close to a seasonless location as you can get.  But I think this phenomenon is real, so I’m going to do my best to recognize it.  I’m feeling pretty short on inspiration right now, but I’m trying to have faith that I will eventually emerge from this transition phase with a new, workable routine.  Now, more than ever, I could really use ideas and support from everyone in the food blogosphere.  You guys are always an inspiration to me, so thank you!



  1. Seasonal eating is definitely great for overall well-being – your philosophy is right on!

  2. Love your super mindbody connection!

  3. This is interesting. I live in New England where the seasons are quite drastic and always crave what is “in season.” RRight now it’s fresh tomatoes and sqaush, but soon enough I will want pumpkin daily.


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