Posted by: Hil | August 25, 2008

Picture This


Unfortunately, I have no pictures for you of my last few meals.  My good friend Jersey Girl was visiting, and I tend to take fewer pictures when I have company around.  So I hope that on the occasions when I forget to photograph any food, you will accept as a substitute some other random pictures of things in my life.  Today, we feature the family pets.  I am a huge dog lover and even spent a few summers during college bathing dogs at a grooming shop to earn extra money. The picture above shows Reilly the standard poodle, my family pet growing up.  He is just as fluffy and soft as he looks and he loves company.  His favorite thing is to make the rounds at a room, greet everyone with a combination of charm and restraint (no jumping up) and then curl up in a fluffy ball next to the person with the most comfortable seat.  He has convinced more than one person who hates/fears dogs to rethink their position, including the husband.  (The husband’s paraphrase of Reilly’s greeting to him upon their first meeting:  “Hello, my name is Reilly.  You should pet me, for I am fluffy and wonderful.”) 

This picture below features Liam the Russian Wolfhound, who is my mother’s baby despite his huge size.  (Feel free to chime in with his age in months, Mom!)  He is a gentle, quiet giant with a big goofy streak.  He does not understand about wagging his tail and isn’t quite as snuggly or smiley as the poodle, but he is very good at looking soulfully into your eyes and loves pretty much everyone he meets.  Liam is typically quiet and restrained, but not around the husband.  Liam loves the Lemonator.  Liam enjoys jumping up next to him, pinning him down a with a paw, gazing at him lovingly, and giving him a kiss from time to time.  (See picture below.)  Note that the Lemonator has been cured of his uneasiness around dogs.


There.  Having avoided the shame of a post without pictures, I feel able to venture on to more relevant things.  As far as  food goes, suffice it to say that the Lemonator, Jersey Girl and I had a fabulous Mexican/Salvadorean dinner.  I had spicy shrimp and vegetable fajitas along with a side of guacamole, salad, a few bites of refried beans, and far too many fresh tortilla chips with homemade salsa.  When we got home, we stayed up late into the night chatting while enjoying cups of chocolate coconut ice cream.

This morning, I ate a quick bowl of bulgar and oats with peach slices and cinnamon sugar.  (You’re seen that before.)   We gave Jersey Girl a quick tour of campus, then I ran off to class while the husband took her to the airport. 

Lunch was delicious and I was so excited to share it:  a whole wheat mini pita stuffed with baby spinach, laughing cow and plenty of smoked salmon along with a glass of v-8 juice.  And yet I forgot my camera!  I will have to trust your powers of imagination on this one.

I often end up snacking my way through days at law school.  I eat healthy food, but grazing just isn’t as satisfying as sitting down to a real meal.  So I am cautiously inching toward incorporating more nutrition and calories into my main lunch item and reducing the number of snacks that I bring.  Monday seemed like a good day to experiment, as I only have one class and have my lunch hour nice and clear.  So rather than packing a small half sandwich, I packed a whole, well stuffed sandwich.   It felt odd to be eating so much food, but it certainly tasted good.  Perhaps the fuller feeling in my stomach will help signal to my brain that it doesn’t need food for awhile and decrease my urge to munch my way through the afternoon.  For my afternoon snacks, I have a bag of veggie sticks and cherry tomatoes and a bag of edamame.   So far, so good.  I may maintain my many-small-snacks strategies for my busiest days, at least for now, but I do want to inch toward eating not only nutritious food, but satisfying meals, even on weekdays.



  1. I was a snacker in law school too, it was crazy some of the long blocks of classes I would have without a break! We had three fridges and a couple microwaves in the basement, which was helpful, but still when you don’t have a break for 5 hours snacks are needed!! I liked packing healthy trail mix or bars.

  2. No worries about lack of food photographs – the precious animal photographs MORE than make up for it!!! 🙂

  3. Sometimes you need snacks to get you through Con Law. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry that my visit lead to a lack of picture, but not too sorry. I had a wonderful time with Blueberry Hil and the Lemonator. I’m sure it is not a surprise to anyone here that I enjoyed good food and even better company.

    At the Mexican/Salvadorian Restaurant, I had a carnitas and queso papusa and a green corn tamale. Both were new for me, and I enjoyed them both immensely.

    Thanks for an awesome visit!

  5. Liam is 19 months old today, thanks for asking! This means that as of one month ago, he can no longer compete in the puppy classes. Instead he must show against the grownups, who have more hair, more chest, and more gravitas.

    Yesterday when I was walking “the boys,” a small boy came up. “This one’s fluffy,” he said, petting Reilly. Then he pet Liam and said, “This one’s skinny. Fluffy, skinny. I like them both!”

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