Posted by: Hil | August 25, 2008

Quick Pasta Dinner


There’s nothing like whole wheat pasta with veggies for a tasty, fast, nutritious week night dinner.  Tonight I sauteed some green beans and halved grape tomatoes with olive oil and a pinch of crushed red pepper while the pasta cooked, then combined the two with some pesto.  It worked very well.  I pretty much always eat fruit with dinner, so I rounded out the meal with two clementines and a cup of rooibos chai.

Also, today’s lunch was a success.  I did eat my veggies and handful of edamame after about four hours, but that was all that I wanted or needed…and it was a another four hours after that snack before I could even begin to think of dinner.  All of the protein and fiber in that sandwich held me incredibly well.  As I said, it’s more food than I’m used to eating in a sitting, but if larger lunches will actually hold me for a significant period of time, I would love to shift toward eating more meals and somewhat fewer snacks.  The only problems was that my body went on something of a sodium overload between dinner out last night, a spoonful of salty pb this morning (I usually buy unsalted) and the sandwich full of salty smoked fish today.  I do not make much attempt to reduce sodium in my diet beyond my avoidance of extremely processed foods.  I buy low sodium canned beans and vegetables, but other than that, I figure that eating fresh, minimally processed foods will keep me in a reasonable sodium range.  But even for me, the last 24 hours have been a bit excessive on the sodium front.  Still, I am pleased to have gotten through a school day without constant snacking.  We’ll see how I fare on tomorrow, which is my crazy day with nothing that could possibly that could be called a lunch break.



  1. Ooh 🙂 the pasta looks lovely, I love the deep greens and red. Simple and nutritious, that’s my kind of dinner. Good luck today with all your busyness!

  2. Delish!!

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