Posted by: lemonator | August 26, 2008

Spatzle + Pork!

Well, as you can see from Hil’s post right below mine… I was in charge of dinner tonight, and I decided to make a variation of one of my favorite german meals.  Spatzle is an egg noodle that you create as you cook them… that’ll make more sense in a moment.  First off:  The recipie!

The Recipie!

Very, very simple:  2 cups w.w. flour, 1 t salt, 2 eggs, 3/4 – 1 c milk (I’ll talk about consistancy in a moment)

bring a pot of water to boil and then mix the ingredients together (this stuff dries fast and is impossible to clean when it does, so… dont give it a chance to start hardening before you can make the pasta!


Now, the actual creation of the pasta… well, takes either a lot of practice (to do it ‘authentically’), specialized tools (which costs money), or a slotted spoon and a knife(not the prettiest, but it still tastes good!)… we’ll go over all three 🙂

Now, the authentic way involves deft knifework and preferably a stiffer dough (so… less milk).  Put the dough on a cutting board and with a flicking motion of your knife, flick small noodles into the boiling water.  This is HARD.  reaaallly hard.  I cant do it… which is why I use option #2

Option #2 uses a contraption specially designed to make the noodles… the photo here is it in its dissasembled state (soaking in water to ensure the dough doesnt stick!  Basically, its just a series of holes and a slider that pushes dough through the holes making nice noodles.

Now, If you dont have a special contraption and dont have crazy pasta-knife skills, what are you to do?  well, if you have a slotted spoon, you can still make spatzle… just use a knife to cut off the pasta at reasonable lengths as it falls slowly through the spoon and you’ll get your pasta.

Regardless, you put these pastas into boiling water, and when they rise to the top, you skim them off and they’re ready (if they dont float, they still need to cook)  Like… so.

Skim them off, add some cheese and voila, you’ve got yourself spatzle… we had it tonight with pork and green beans and it was tasty.




  1. that pork looks GREAT! i love the seared top. yummmmmmmm.

  2. Looks great… another job well done for the Lemonator 🙂

  3. Loving the spatzle! Great job lemonator.

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