Posted by: Hil | September 4, 2008

Salad Bar Brunch


Today I skipped breakfast for the only feasible reason that I ever would:  a fasting blood test.  Suffice it to say that an appointment that should have been over in 20 minutes took over 1 1/2 hours, 2 nurses, 3 lab techs, 6 needle jabs, and a big, swollen bruise on my arm.  (I have no idea why my veins are so tiny, but I am not amused!)  By the time this was done, I was starving and mildly traumatized so I set about finding a filling, comforting brunch.  The main student union at my university has a great salad bar that I love, so I decided that today was definitely a day to take full advantage of that fact.  First, I constructed a salad of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and hearts of palm with olive oil and red wine vinegar.  It’s so tempting to grab everything at a nice salad bar, but I think that salads turn out better (and cheaper!) when I just pick a few ingredients that really compliment one another.  And salads are always better when you go for oil and vinegar over the nasty bottled dressings with who-knows-what in them.  To go with my salad, I got a small bowl of vegetarian chili (topped with cilantro, tomato, chives and mozzarella from the baked potato bar), a cup of fresh strawberries, and a whole wheat roll with butter.  This was definitely a bigger mid-day meal than I would normally eat, but it was a very balanced meal with a good mix of nutrients, colors, textures and flavors.  I felt worlds better when I was done.



  1. Strawberries!! **swoons**

    Love the balanced meal, for sure!

  2. Wow, so sorry to hear about the disastrous sounding blood test. What a pain! Literally I guess haha.

    I would have treated myself to a big and lovely lunch like you did too. It’s so colourful and looks super healthy. Yum.

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