Posted by: Hil | September 14, 2008

Man on Wire


Last night, the husband and I decided to go out to see Man on Wire, a delightful documentary about the tightrope walker who in 1974 managed to sneak past security at the World Trade Center, rig up a tightrope between the two buildings, and perform an hour long show before anyone could stop him.  It was a very fun, engaging movie, filmed in a classic thriller/heist style.  The audience in our showing was cheering and laughing out loud.  But a movie date of course has to include dinner, too.  So we went out to grab a bite to eat at a nearby cafe.  I went the soup and salad route.  I had a cup of tomato basil soup topped with a crunchy, hot parmesan crostini.  Too often crostinis come out cold and hard and not worth eating, but this one was piping hot and delicious.  For my main course, I had a green salad with blue cheese, pear, and candied walnuts, topped with champagne vinaigrette.  I love pear and blue cheese together and this salad was absolutely delicious.


After dinner, we still had plenty of time to kill before our showing, so we went and browsed in a nearby bookstore (one of our favorite free “date” things to do) and then went to wait in the theater’s wine bar.  Yes, the theater had a wine bar.  One of the major pluses of specialty theaters that focus on arty movies is the fact that the refreshments are typically much better, although I don’t think I’ve ever been to another one that actually had a bar attached.  This bar was pretty much exactly my speed:  mellow, not crowded, nice ambiance and good wine.  I think there is something so fun about sitting in an upscale bar with a cute outfit, a drink in your hand and someone you love to talk to.


The husband decided that he wanted popcorn for the movie, given that he hadn’t had any since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out.  While I was waiting in line with him, I spotted something very exciting:  this theater carried Sahale snacks.  I had to have some.  I picked up a package of Sing Buri cashews:  a blend of cashews, sesame seeds and dried pineapple with lemongrass and chili.  These were delicious.  Utterly delicious.  I always make my own trail mix, but I can’t make trail mix that tastes like this!  This is the second flavor I’ve tried (the first being pistachios and figs with harissa) and both were absolutely wonderful.  I think these are probably too expensive to keep around the house, but boy am I a fan of these!  I managed to restrain myself from eating the whole package, so I have leftovers for later this week.




  1. What a nice dinner & movie date you two had – glad the film was enjoyable!

    Oooh, that cashew mix sounds delish!

  2. wow those cashews sound sooo good! the whole mix sounds amazing. as does the crostini – beatiful. not much to beat a good movie date 🙂

  3. Those cashews sound delicious! I’m not sure I’d be able to restrain myself from eating the entire bag though. They could be very dangerous in my hands.

    Love your bookstore “date”. DH and I are also big fans of this.

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for the mention! We’re delighted that you tried and enjoyed our Sing Buri and Ksar blends. We currently have four other Nut Blends as well as a brand new line of nut snacks set to arrive in stores late next month. Are you interested in a sneak preview?

    In the meantime, check out for special deals on Sahale Snacks.

    Best Regards,
    Sahale Snacks

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