Posted by: Hil | September 20, 2008

Spiced Pita Chips


I’ve posted about these pita chips before, but I love them so much that I want to give you a more detailed how-to.  Sometimes you really just want some form of crunchy carbohydrate, and these really hit the spot.  They are delicious and crunchy, but because they are full of filling whole grains and flavorful spices, I find that a handful satisfies–no need to mainline a bag of fried stuff.  These are based on a recipe from Ellie Krieger’s show healthy appetite, but I’ve changed the spices around a bit.

First, we make a spice mix.  I recommend salt, pepper, chili powder,  cumin, paprika, cardamom, garlic powder and a pinch of cayenne pepper.  Oregano is also good if yours is finely ground.  Just add a little of each until you have a nice pile of spices in the bottom of your bowl.  If you don’t have all of the spices listed above, just use what you have.


Next, add enough olive oil to make a thick mixture.  If there is enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the bowl, there should be enough to coat the chips.


Next, cut up some whole wheat pitas into triangles.  I used two mini pitas for this batch.  If your bowl is big enough, add the pita triangles.  If not, pour the spice mixture over the pita triangles.  Now get in with your hands and really mix everything up.  Make sure that all of the triangles are thoroughly coated with the oil/spice mixture.  You don’t need a thick coating, but make sure that you don’t have any dry spots left on the chips.  Next, place them on a cookie sheet and bake them at around 375 for around 10 minutes, flipping at least once.  Keep an eye on them, because they go from crispy to burned pretty easily.  The cook time will vary from oven to oven.


When the chips are crispy, they are ready to serve.  They are a bit crispier at room temperature, but they never last that long at my house.


I especially like eating them with hummus for dipping.


And they are my all time favorite accompaniment to spinach and chicken with tahini sauce.




  1. SPICED pita chips??? Oooooh yum.

  2. I’ve been meaning to try those!! They looks awesome, nice and crunchy 😉

  3. i love your blog with all the healthy tips and recipes and such! 😀

  4. […] I love thin, chewy pita bread.  It has lots of surface area for spreading or dipping, you can make fantastic chips out of it, and you can use it to make a killer sandwich where the filling and not the bread […]

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