Posted by: Hil | September 23, 2008

Mango Lassi


In case it has escaped anyone’s notice, I am a huge fan of Indian Food.  And I have a special place in my heart for the wonderful sugary confection known as the mango lassi.  I love mango in any form, and this wonderful drink is fantastic as a meal accompaniment, dessert, or any time snack.  Mango Lassis in restaurants tend to be extremely sweet, using sweetened canned mango puree and lots of added sugar.  But you can make a great at home version with fresh mango (or even frozen), yogurt, a splash of milk and just a little bit of sugar or agave combined in a blender.  You can also add a bit of cardamom if you’re feeling adventurous.  The resulting product may not be bright orange, but it will be cold and sweet and creamy and perfectly satisfying.



  1. I’ve always wanted to try a mango lassi – looks so refreshing!

  2. these are delicious!!

  3. I want to try the mango lassi.
    I am a huge fan of mangos.

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