Posted by: Hil | October 13, 2008

Celebrating with Blueberry Sis

The Lemonator and I had a great time this weekend at Blueberry Sis’s senior recital.  It was wonderful to hear her perform.  And since this is Blueberry Sis we are talking about, the weekend was full of good food.

Right before the recital, Blueberry Sis met me and the Lemonator for lunch at one of her favorite Mexican restaurants.  Blueberry Sis’s boy and Blueberry Mom came along, too.  Below are Blueberry Sis’s pre-performance tacos, piled high with steak, rice, cheese and chipotle cream.  When my sister has a taco, she has a taco.


After lunch, Blueberry Sis ran off to warm up and get dressed, while the rest of us set up the refreshments for her reception.  Blueberry Sis was very clear on what she wanted:  a simple fall feast with all of her favorites.  She bought most of it ahead of time and persuaded various friends and family to bring baked goods.

Dried apricots, dried mango, pistachios and banana chips….

SV402852 (2)

Our chocolate chip cookies, Blueberry Mom’s fabulous molasses cookies, assorted fresh fruit, pumpkin cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting (which I didn’t get a picture of)..


…and an assortment of great cheese and crackers.  Very yummy!


The food vanished very quickly after the recital.



  1. Hey, inspiring post and photos!! Pumpkin cookies…mmm.. :))

    Nice blog by the way!! :-)) Nice to read and look at!! 🙂

    I’ve just started my own one…I’d be SOO glad to see a comment from you….:) pls visit me on

    Enjoy the day!!

  2. I mean PUMPKIN CUPCAKES and Molasses COOKIES….haha 😀

  3. Such a lovely, delectable celebration!

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