Posted by: Hil | October 14, 2008

Flamenco Eggs


This is spicy, flavorful baked egg and vegetable dish that I acquired from a tapas cookbook.  I love tapas recipes because they manage to be so flavorful with so few ingredients…my kind of food!  This dish is great as a tapas or appetizer, but it is hearty enough to serve as part of a light dinner, as it did tonight.  With some fresh fruit and a piece of whole grain bread with goat cheese, dinner was perfect.

To prepare the flamenco eggs, first you chop onions or shallots and some red bell pepper and saute them in olive oil.  When they have begun to soften, add crushed garlic and lots of chopped tomato.  At the very end of the cook time, add a spoonful of canned corn and some minced fresh herbs (parsley and green onion both work well).  Season with salt and cayenne pepper.  Spoon the mixture into individual oven proof dishes.  Make a hollow in the middle of the vegetable mixture and carefully crack an egg into the hollow.  Bake the dish in an oven at 350 degrees for 15-25 minutes until the eggs are done to your liking.



  1. Tapas recipe are great, and this looks like a really good recipe. I know Bobby will love it for sure 🙂

  2. I love tapas! And this is sure to become one of my favorites, spicy eggs, mmm 🙂

  3. This looks great for an upcoming brunch I am planning at my house!

    You have the greatest recipes!

  4. Can’t go wrong with spicy, colorful meals! 🙂

  5. Neat! Other than the corn, it is much like the “shukshuka” eggs that are popular in the Middle East.

  6. Oh, that looks delicious! You could probably make it ahead for a quick Saturday or Sunday brunch.

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