Posted by: Hil | October 15, 2008

Thai Coconut Curry


Thai coconut curry rates very high on my personal list of delicious, fast weeknight dinners.  Unfortunately, however, the husband hates coconut.  Thus, this wonderful dish is a rare treat for me.  But tonight I came home and every bone in my body was crying out for coconut curry.  The husband cheerfully agreed to make himself something different, and I raced for the kitchen.

While I’m known to throw everything but the kitchen sink into my Indian curries, I prefer to keep my Thai curries simple:  red bell pepper, asparagus (or green beans, depending on the season), broth, coconut milk, ginger and red curry paste.  Maybe some fresh basil or cilantro if I have it on hand.  First, I soften the vegetables (1 bunch of asparagus and 1 red bell pepper) with a touch of oil in the pan.  Next, I add about a cup of vegetable broth, fresh ginger and two generous spoonfuls of red curry paste to the pan.  (For the record, I love curry paste and I am completely unrepentant about using it.  I’m sure that if I kept fresh tamarind and lemongrass and asian chilies around my kitchen, I could learn to make something even better.  But curry pastes are fast and taste much better than dried powder.)  Next, the coconut milk:  about half a cup.  Then I adjust for seasonings and let the sauce thicken up a bit.

This sauce tastes wonderful on tofu, white fish, shrimp and chicken.  Today, I went with chicken:  a few chunks cut up and cooked in the sauce at the very end.  Serve the curry either by itself in a bowl or over rice.




  1. FAAAABULOUS curry dish.

    I’ve only just recently started liking coconut, so I KIND OF understand your husband’s predicament now 😉

  2. I love curry, but hate coconut like your husband…it is quite a predicament because it seems that most curries involve coconut (yuck). Any tips for making them without?

  3. BeeElle–There are lots of great curry recipes without coconut! Most Indian style curry pastes can be mixed with crushed or diced tomatoes to form a great coconut-less curry sauce. For starters, you can check out the chickpea and vegetable curry that’s listed in my recipe favorites. (Pay no attention to the pizza at the top of the page…the rest of the post is devoted to the curry.)

  4. I had fried rice!

    And I’ll concur that there are plenty of different curries one can make that doesnt involve coconut. Try heading to the grocery store and seeing if they have any indian curry paste in the ethnic aisle. THat stuff is amazing.

    Im really excited that its going to be winter soon… lots of fun crockpot recipies to use! We’ll probably be making a good pot of chicken curry soon.

    Also, I hate coconut, but surprizingly, I could barely taste it in this curry… I still opted for my own heart’s desire, though.

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