Posted by: Hil | October 17, 2008

Easy All-Purpose Raspberry Sauce


Today’s breakfast was a PB&J English Muffin featuring my stand-by raspberry sauce.  This little concoction is far too simple to merit the label “recipe,” but it is extremely useful and fast.  And sometimes, useful and fast is what I’m looking for.  With varying thickness, I use it as a jam substitute on toast, as a sauce for pancakes, as a filling for crepes, and as a topping for everything from oatmeal to ice cream.

The method involves microwaving frozen raspberries on high for a couple of minutes, then vigorously whisking them until they completely break down and the lumps are gone.  You can control how thick you want the mixture to be by adding a little bit of water or draining off excess liquids.  If you want, you can strain the seeds out, but I like leaving them in…it’s easier and it adds fiber.  Sweeten with sugar or agave nectar to taste.

If you use other berries, I would make this on the stove top and be prepared to add water and whisk as you cook.  In my experience, other berries don’t break down as completely as raspberries, so use them if you want a thicker sauce with good fruit lumps in it.



  1. Yes I am AlliJag! I love Roni! Thanks for commenting so I could find your site! I look forward to reading your blog!! 😀

  2. Holy yum

  3. Is this Amazing Berry Goodness?

  4. mmm…mmmm…good

  5. Mm, that sounds so easy and delicious. I will definitely be trying this out next time I have a bag of frozen raspberries!

  6. Just watch out. Microwaving causes the raspberries to release a lot of odor into the air, which I tend to find rather overpowering!

  7. […] fashioned or steel-cut) topped with a generous spoonful of Greek yogurt and a generous spoonful of raspberry puree.  Sometimes I mash a banana into the oatmeal for an extra layer of flavor.  The thought of […]

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