Posted by: Hil | October 20, 2008

Simple Supper


This lovely dinner, courtesy of the husband, is the kind of thing that we make chez nous when we are starving and lack the patience to make something more involved.  Chicken tenders (from frozen) seasoned with paprika, tumeric, salt and pepper and then pan-fried; and a side of green peas (also from frozen).  And to be completely honest, I didn’t even cook this; the husband did.  I was completely starving and wolfed down a cup of Dr. McDougall’s bean soup while he cooked.  He was very proud of his masterful chicken preparation.

The husband just looked over my shoulder and, turning bright pink, said, “My dinner is simple!  Why are you blogging it?”  I am blogging it precisely because it is simple.  I don’t think much of the meals-in-as-little-time-as-possible movement–I think good food is worth spending a little time to prepare.  But on a given night, there is nothing wrong with having some ultra-basic ideas that serve to get dinner on the table.  While I don’t want this blog to become too boring or repetitious, I also don’t want to give anyone the idea that my food is always complicated or even interesting.  Sometimes it’s just chicken and peas.  But I thorougly enjoyed this plate of chicken and peas!



  1. i agree – simple can be great, and comforting, not to mention convenient. it looks very good!

  2. Simple meals = the best kind 🙂

  3. I think you are right. Sometimes the simple meals are the best meals!

  4. im a simple person so I can definitely appreciate that supper! i don’t like a lot of jewelry…rarely wear anything more than just studs for earrings, and I like simple furniture and room decor.

    Simple = yummy. I hate it when people try to dress things up too much…..if I order salmon, I probably want to taste salmon? Why drown it in a strong sauce with tons of spices?

    plus simple food is usually the most easy on the tum tum.

    i also grew up in a Japanese sort-of household…so that explains a lot.

    wow. ramble.


  5. The simple meal looks like one of my favorite dinners! Simple meals deserve blog attention too!

  6. I completely agree! I don’t think that simple and basic are automatically inferior.

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