Posted by: Hil | October 21, 2008

Sweet 100

I’ve already completed the omnivore’s 100, so when I saw this over on VeggieGirl and Suite Apple Pie, I had to fill it out.   Clearly there are lots of delicious things that I still need to try!

Bold = desserts I’ve tried

Underline = desserts the Lemonator has tried.  (There aren’t many.  The man has no sweet tooth.)

1. Red Velvet Cake
2. Princess Torte
3. Whoopie Pie
4. Apple Pie either topped or baked with sharp cheddar–I have never heard of this in my life, but now I am intrigued.
5. Beignet
6. Baklava
7. Black and white cookie
8. Seven Layer Bar (also known as the Magic Bar or Hello Dolly bars)
9. Fried Fruit pie (sometimes called hand pies)
10. Kringle
11. Just-fried (still hot) doughnut–the only way to eat a doughnut, in my opinion
12. Scone with clotted cream–I’ve never had clotted cream, but I adore scones.
13. Betty, Grunt, Slump, Buckle or Pandowdy–these terms do not mean anything to me.  I’ve had crumbles and bread puddings, but I gather that this is somewhat different.
14. Halvah – also known as the “Turkish Delight.”  My grandma found some for me to try when I was a kid after I’d finished reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  I wasn’t impressed.  I think I might like it better now that my palate has matured a bit.
15. Macaroons
16. Banana pudding with nilla wafers
17. Bubble tea (with tapioca “pearls”)
18. Dixie Cup 
19. Rice Krispie treats
20. Alfajores
21. Blondies
22. Croquembouche–This is a traditional French wedding cake made of tiered profiteroles drizzled with caramel.  I can’t tell you how much I want to try one of these!  They look heavenly.
23. Girl Scout cookies–thin mints were my childhood favorite.
24. Moon cake–twice.  I love both the dessert and the tradition that goes with it.
25. Candy Apple–When I first got my braces off in elementary school, I had a big caramel apple covered in nuts to celebrate, as it represented three foods (whole apples, caramel and nuts) that I had gone without for the last couple years.  I have loved these ever since.
26. Baked Alaska
27. Brooklyn Egg Cream
28. Nanaimo bar
29. Baba au rhum
30. King Cake –in high school French class.
31. Sachertorte
32. Pavlova
33. Tres Leches Cake
34. Trifle
35. Shoofly Pie
36. Key Lime Pie (made with real key lime)version.
37. Panna Cotta–recipe here
38. New York Cheesecake
39. Napoleon / mille-fueille
40. Russian Tea Cake / Mexican Wedding Cake
41. Anzac biscuits
42. Pizzelle
43. Kolache
44. Buckeyes
45. Malasadas
46. Moon Pie–I can’t remember for the life of me where I had these, but I remember how they taste!
47. Dutch baby
48. Boston Cream Pie
49. Homemade chocolate chip cookies
50. Pralines
51. Gooey butter cake
52. Rusks
53. Daifuku
54. Green tea cake or cookies
55. Cupcakes from a cupcake shop
56. Crème brûlée
57. Some sort of deep fried fair food (twinkie, candy bar, cupcake)–not sure I’d want to try this…
58. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting
59. Jelly Roll
60. Pop Tarts
61. Charlotte Russe
62. An “upside down” dessert (Pineapple upside-down cake or Tarte Tatin)
63. Hummingbird Cake
64. Jell-O from a mold
65. Black forest cake
66. Mock Apple Pie (Ritz Cracker Pie)
67. Kulfi
68. Linzer torte
69. Churro
70. Stollen–this is a German bread-cake that my in-laws always have around at Christmas.
71. Angel Food Cake
72. Mincemeat pie
73. Concha–a tasty Mexican sweetbread
74. Opera Cake
75. Sfogliatelle / Lobster tail
76. Pain au chocolat
77. A piece of Gingerbread House
78. Cassata
79. Cannoli .
80. Rainbow cookies
81. Religieuse
82. Petits fours
83. Chocolate Souffle
84. Bienenstich (Bee Sting Cake)
85. Rugelach
86. Hamenstashen
87. Homemade marshmallows
88. Rigo Janci
89. Pie or cake made with candy bar flavors
90. Divinity
91. Coke or Cola cake
92. Gateau Basque
93. S’mores
94. Figgy Pudding
95. Bananas foster or other flaming dessert
96. Joe Froggers
97. Sables
98. Millionaire’s Shortbread
99. Animal crackers
100. Basbousa



  1. GREAT list!!! You MUST try hamenstashen 🙂

  2. The apple pie with cheddar is totally a 70’s thing (I think).

  3. I just saw an apple pie with cheddar made on this past week’s Iron Chef America. Cat Cora had a fancy name for it, but it was definitely apple pie with cheddar cheese (the secret ingredient was cheddar).

  4. fun! I am going to put this on my blog, too! Thanks!

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