Posted by: Hil | October 22, 2008

Chicken and Vegetables


Today seems to be a chicken and veggies day.  I was in a rush and didn’t pack a lunch today, so I bought one of my favorite things at the grill next to the law school: a grilled chicken club with melted Swiss, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion and mustard on a whole wheat bun.  To go with, veggie sticks and a small Diet Coke.  I love this lunch.  It’s so satisfying and hearty and it holds me for hours.  I’m not normally a soda person, but the soda came as part of the combo meal, and I wanted the veggie sticks!  Besides, when I’m eating calorie dense grill food, I enjoy having something flavored to drink…it makes the meal last longer.  My favorite is unsweetened iced tea with lots of lemon, but the occasional Diet Coke is fun, too.

And for dinner, simple roast chicken with wilted spinach.




  1. I like diet coke. I’m trying to cut back on it though – we get it for free at work so I don’t really have a limit.

    Yum wilted spinach 🙂

  2. that sub looks fantastic – so great you can grab healthy lunches like this on the go. and those veg sticks are so much better and much more colourful that the old fries!

  3. That spinach is total food porn for me, haha 😀

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