Posted by: Hil | October 25, 2008

Happy Weekend


I kicked off Saturday with a free sample from the folks at Quaker: their new high fiber instant oatmeal.  As blog readers know, I am not one for “instant” anything as a general rule.  I think that it’s worth the effort to make food from scratch.  But I’m always in the market for a suitable breakfast option for when I am traveling and don’t have access to a kitchen.  And instant oatmeal can be a nice, portable, nutritious breakfast or snack for emergency situations…certainly a good alternative to eating protein bars all day!  I decided to try the cinnamon swirl flavor first.  I cooked it in the microwave with some thinly sliced apple and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon for garnish.  The apple becomes cooked and sweet in the microwave in just about the same time it takes to cook the oatmeal.


I typically have two major issues with instant oatmeal.  The first is that most of the brands I have tried are cloyingly sweet.  The second is that the texture is usually mushy and unpleasant.  The Quaker high fiber stuff fared extremely well on both of those fronts.  It was sweet, but not too sweet.  And it had the nicest texture of any instant oatmeal I’ve tried–it wasn’t at all soupy or mushy.  It did have a slightly “processed” taste to it, as all instant oatmeal I’ve tried does.  Bottom line:  I would never recommend instant oatmeal over good old-fashioned oats.  As an every day matter, I would pick old-fashioned oats every time.  But compared to other instant oatmeal, this stacks up quite nicely.

After my oatmeal, I spent the morning running errands.  Since this took awhile, I stopped to get myself a bite of lunch:  half of a mini goat cheese and spinach quiche, a cup of tomato basil soup, and a side salad.  I ate all of my soup and salad, but ended up leaving most of the quiche crust so that I would have room for dessert…


An apple tart.  Weekends make me crave good pastry.


I also grabbed a nonfat latte while I was out and about.


An exciting care package came from the in-laws!  When my father-in-law makes trips to Germany to see his mom and brother, he always brings me back my favorite German foods that I can’t buy in the U.S.  The picture is a bit fuzzy and the label is in German, but that is indeed a dark chocolate bar filled with dark chocolate mousse and blueberry-lavender filling.  All of my favorite flavors in one decadent bar.  The red and white tube is full of amazing, spicy German mustard.


Dinner was a buffalo chicken wrap eaten at Ikea.  Less interesting and photogenic than lunch perhaps, but the Ikea trip was well worth it.  The Lemonator is currently assembling one of our acquisitions.  I am very lucky to have a spouse who actually likes putting furniture together, because I’m no good at it!  I am going to brew myself a cup of herbal tea and we are going to watch Iron Man while he finishes putting everything together.  Happy weekend, everyone!



  1. OMG that apple tart looks like a little piece of heaven. Yum.

    Iron Man was great, I hope you like it 🙂

  2. that pastry looks like the perfect weekend treat! and that is so sweet of your in-laws – i love when people get things that aren’t availble in your own country!

  3. p.s. ankake sauce is a kind of chinese-origin sauce that’s thickend with cornstarch – i’m sure you’ve eaten something like it in chinese cuisine without even realising!

  4. Glad you liked the oatmeal!!

    Holy goodness, I want that apple tart. Now.

    IKEA!!! Love that place.

    Happy Sunday!!

  5. I love your apple tart!

    I sometimes have a plain packet of instant for an afternoon snack, but I just can’t go with the sweetened kind anymore. You sure it’s not too sweet? I guess I would like the extra fiber.

  6. Thanks for the oatmeal review!

    A goat cheese and spinach quiche sounds divine!

  7. I love Lindt chocolate. And Ikea. And food from scratch.

    (This post makes me happy:)).

  8. Your lunch looks awesome! I’ve been to Germany too and I LOVE that chocolate, how nice of you to have some!

    Thanks for the oatmeal review. I have the same kind waiting for me but I’m kinda holding off until finals, when I don’t have time to cook up old fashioned oats =]

  9. I love IKEA! And wow, mustard in a tube! That is something!

  10. […] back, Hil asked me about my plain oatmeal packets. I prefer the Old Fashioned Rolled Quaker Oats in the tub, […]

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