Posted by: Hil | October 28, 2008

Plan B

This morning started off beautifully.  I had an Ezekiel English muffin with a sliver of real butter and a generous slather of homemade pumpkin butter.  On my way to school, I stopped by Starbucks for a nonfat latte to round out my breakfast..  It was really busy this morning…I’ve never seen this place so crazy.  But I got in some good people-watching.  My favorite was a little girl who I christened Cindy Lou Who.  She reminded me so much of that character!  She had enormous blue eyes and platinum blond hair, a bit of which was gathered into a little ponytail that stuck straight up from very top of her head. She was wearing a bright pink dress and was brandishing a large Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer stuffed animal.  So cute!

Since Tuesday is my crazy day with no lunch break, so I made myself a nice lunch that I could eat with one hand during class:  a whole wheat pita sandwich with turkey sausage, arugula, and my beloved spicy German mustard.  To round out my lunch sack, I packed an apple and a Kashi TLC bar for an afternoon snack.  Do you want to know the one problem with the sack lunch I made?


I forgot it!  Why do I always do this?  I was so excited for my lovely sandwich, but I left it on the table as I raced out the door this morning.  And since Tuesday is my crazy day with no lunch break, I assumed I was going to have to go hungry.  Luckily for me, a student group was selling fresh samosas in the hallway right outside of my morning class and I was able to grab a couple on my way to my next class.  Yum.  What could be yummier than spiced, fluffy potatoes and peas wrapped in pastry?  I only wish I’d had my camera with me. 

Lunch was very tasty, but I couldn’t even look at anything starchy for the rest of the day.  I was really happy to come home to crockpot balsamic pot roast…protein and vegetables were just what I wanted.  I think that nothing tastes better with pot roast than a nice, clean pile of greens.  So I made up a simple salad with farmer’s market arugula, evoo and white balsamic vinegar.


And a farmers market pear for dessert.




  1. Cindy Lou Who sounds adorable. I love it when I see people that look like book characters in real life 🙂

    That crockpot dish looks great… I don’t have a crockpot. But maybe it would be a good investment.

  2. I am a huge crockpot fan! Sometimes it’s a lot easier to find five minutes to cook in the morning than it is to find half an hour to cook at night. There’s nothing like opening the door after a long day and having the smell of hot food hit you. They’re not that expensive…you can get one for about $20 at places like Target.

  3. your impromptu lunch sounds quite yummy! the dinner looks delicate and perfect to come home to.

  4. Samosas – not bad! At my school bake sales they only sold tiny homemade brownies and gross store bought cookies! I was totally slumming it.

  5. That homemade pumpkin butter sounds heeeeeavenly. Yum.

    The pear looks lonely, haha 😉

  6. Sorry you forgot your lunch! 😦

    That breakfast combo sounds AMAZING!

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you forgot your lunch! I hate when that happens to me too! I get so disappointed!

    I am jealous you came home to such a lovely meal! I have never tried something from a crockpot before! Mmmmmm…

  8. Aw no, that’s so frustrating to have forgotten it! It looks delicious, too. Thank goodness there’s always a student group selling SOMETHING:)

  9. Thanks for your message on my blog – that was really nice to hear 🙂 I am adding you to my reader so I can start checking out your blog!

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