Posted by: Hil | October 31, 2008

Lentil Soup with Fried Sage Leaves


I love the way that lentil soup goes through different stages over the course of its lifetime.  When I first make a pot of lentil soup, I end up with a brothy, fragrant bowl with distinct lentils and chunks of vegetables.  But as a big pot goes through multiple re-heatings, it gradually becomes thicker and more stew-like, with a sweet, intense flavor that I just love.  To dress it up a little, I topped it with some fried sage leaves.  Fried herbs are delicious, easy way to make anything seem a little bit more special.  And when you (like me) have a tendency to get carried away with fresh herbs at the farmers market, it’s a great way to use them up!  I just gently heated a little bit of butter and oil in a skillet, tossed in the sage leaves for a few seconds, then fished them out and seasoned them with salt and pepper.  Don’t leave them in too long or they will burn.  The process goes very quickly!

To go with my soup, I had a farmers market arugula salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.  White balsamic is my latest obsession.  It is the perfect salad vinegar.  It’s a nice, neutral, white vinegar that has a lovely, balsamic-y sweetness to it.  I adore it.

Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Oh my, that soup is SCREAMING out my name!!

  2. Wow, that looks really good! Great presentation too!

  3. your food always looks so fantastic, never would look out of place in a restaurant.

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