Posted by: Hil | November 12, 2008

Recipe Update

Lemonator Here.  Our friends have left, so now it’s time for recipes!  I’ll start with the pizza.


A note before I start listing the ingredients:  My first job was at a pizza place, and while I had thought I had forgotten everything from back then, when I started making the pizza, a lot of that knowledge came back!  So… expect another pizza soon with refined instructions 🙂

The Crust

  • 2 c whole wheat flour
  • 3 T sugar
  • 2 T yeast
  • 1.5 c cool water

Thats it!  Mix them all together and let rest/rise for one hour, then knead for 5-10 minutes and roll out into a round (make it look like a pizza!).  Wait at least half an hour after rolling the dough before baking it.

The Rest

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Mozzerella cheese
  • leeks
  • spinach

Now, when I worked at Papa Murphy’s we were told that we should put 8 oz of sauce and 16 oz of cheese on a pizza of this size.  I… doubt I did exactly that, but it was probably fairly close on the sauce and maybe 2/3 of the amount of cheese.  Then, I put the spinach and leeks on one half of the pizza and cooked for 20 minutes!  It was delicious, but next time… I’m putting some meat on it.  I will spare all of you a full description of what I made myself when working at PM’s, but… let’s just say my parents routinely called it meat with more meat.


As for the zimtkuchen, it may surprise all of you to know that this isn’t actually a cake when it comes down to it!  It’s basically a gigantic piece of light, slightly sweet bread with cinnamon and sugar and butter all over it…

Which… makes it cake, I guess!

  • 4 c flour
  • 3 t yeast
  • 1 c warm milk
  • 1/2 c sugar
  • 4 T melted butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 t salt

So, begin this like any other bread.  Mix the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, yeast, salt) together, then mix the milk and butter together.  Make sure that the milk/butter conconction isn’t too hot, otherwise you’ll kill the yeast!  Just lukewarm/warm is what you want.  Add the wet ingredients and mix them together, adding the egg when the dough is starting to form up (stops being so liquidy, starts getting more doughey).  Mix and knead for 10 minutes or so, then let rest for an hour or two (more is better, but I’m impatient!)

Next, punch down the dough and form it back into a ball.  Place it on a baking sheet and roll it out until its maybe 1-2 inches thick, and wait another 45 minutes.  Preheat the oven to 350.

Make some cinnamon sugar and sprinkle liberally across the cake.  Next, take some more butter and cut off small flakes, about the size of your thumbnail.  Sprinkle these across the cake, maybe 1 every 3 square inches or so.  Bake for 25 minutes, take out and enjoy!

One note of warning:  this stuff goes stale QUICK, so eat it up!

More yumminess to come! 




  1. Hi! I read your blog and added you to my blogroll– I’m relatively new at this, but check mine out!

  2. “It’s basically a gigantic piece of light, slightly sweet bread with cinnamon and sugar and butter all over it…”

    Sounds wonderful! Like fried dough, but not fried! Thanks for sharing.

  3. GREAT dough recipe!

  4. Do you need to use a machine to knead? OR can I be frugal and do it with my hands? Definitely wanting to try this recipe!

  5. Sharon–you can do it with your hands. It’s a great way to work out excess energy or stress!

  6. Oooh I can’t wait to try out that cake/bread! It looks SO yummy. And the pizza looks great too, thanks for the recipes!

  7. Thanks Lemonater!
    I sort of doubt that it would go stale in my house. 😉

  8. Knead by Machine? I never knead by machine! I find doing it with your hands is MUCH more satisfying… only downside is that your hands get all sticky if the dough’s too wet!

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